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Free 3D Anatomy viewer launched

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Carrie Mok

New anatomy tool launched by Anatomy Next will empower 3D modellers with its accurate anatomical imagery.

Anatomy Next has launched a 3D Anatomy viewer completely free for use, and it includes 360-degree 3D skeleton figures and écorchés.

Anatomy Next Human anatomy reference
Modellers and sculptors alike will be able to view 360-rotatable heads, limbs, muscles, figures and torsos on the Anatomy Next site to help empower their next project.

This 3D viewer can be used in conjunction with the Anatomy Library, which features an abundance of anatomically correct imagery, proportional sketches, écorchés, blockouts, diagrams top tips and photos.

You’ll need to sign up for an account to get access to the Anatomy Library though, with prices starting from $6.99 for students and $9.99 for artists. Signing up for a subscription will give you access to even more anatomy tools, including a proportions calculator and a searchable 3D scan library – so it’s worth taking it up if you do need a wide variety of tools for anatomically accurate modelling.