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Finding Dory’s Newest Trailer Is Gorgeous

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Dom Peppiatt

Finding Nemo sequel is the first Pixar movie to fully embrace RenderMan’s RIS technology

Due to release on July 17 in the US July 29 in the UK, Finding Dory’s third trailer gives us a more concrete glimpse as to how the film will play out.

Focusing on amnesiac regal blue tang, Dory, the 95 minute long feature will follow the fish as she attempts to find her parents. It takes place six months after the events of Finding Nemo and features many of the same characters (notably Nemo himself, his father Marlin, Crush the turtle and a slew of other cameos from the first film).

Pixar’s last effort, The Good Dinosaur, may not have performed amazingly well at the box office (it took $331.8 million from a budget of $175-200 million, making it Pixar’s lowest grossing film), but trading on nostalgia has proved to work for the studio before with Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. so it’s likely the Ellen Degeneres-fronted animated film will do better than its predecessor.

Pixar even shuffled the released dates of the two films so The Good Dinosaur would come out in late 2015 and Finding Dory would release summer 2016, giving the latter more production time.

The above trailer shows Pixar is keen to show off the lighting effects that illuminate this sub-aquatic adventure: lots of dappled light and diffused light sources are squeezed in here.

This is the first Pixar film to fully utilise RenderMan RIS technology.

The trailer is also a good showcase of Pixar’s animation stripes – we enjoyed the octopus and the dim-witted loon most of all; a fine contrast of boneless, fluid movement versus a staccato, poised character.