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How much do you know about VR?

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Steve Holmes

One of the many questions that Gadget magazine is asking in issue 1

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Do you know your Hololens from your FOVE? Your Rift from your Vive?

Pick up issue one of Gadget now and get stuck into VR – we’re talking headsets, full-body solutions like the Virtuix Omni (which is really f***ing cool), shooting your own VR movies and much more.

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Being VFX enthusiasts (read: nerds) we’re all pretty into technology, right?

The world around us is changing at a rate of knots and all sorts of gadgets are hitting the market that are really starting to make me feel like we’re living in the future. But we’re not. It’s 2015 still, apparently.

If you want to get stuck into the tech of today (and tomorrow) as well as learning how awesome stuff like NERF guns work and how to use a chainsaw properly then pick up issue one of Gadget. If you don’t care about those particular things then you should probably pick up issue one of Gadget, as there are about a million other cool things in it.

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