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Google Cloud Platform VFX renderer Zync is live

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Steve Holmes

Sign up to the public beta of Google Cloud Platform’s Zync and you could receive $800 of free credit

Zync – Google’s cloud-rendering solution for artists and other creative professionals – has announced that the public beta of the software is now live!

Using Zync, artists can kick off renders from Maya and NUKE and render using V-Ray or Arnold (with RenderMan support coming in the next few months). It’s all sent to the cloud, where Google Cloud Platform’s power and infrastructure renders the project much faster than your own workstation ever could. The final render is then sent back to you, just as easily as if you’d done the whole thing using your own hardware. It’s great for getting projects done quickly and hitting those tough deadlines at work or at school.

If you’re interested in trying this out yourself, and seeing the impact that it has on your personal projects, then Zync is offering $800 in free render credit! All you need to do is sign up for a Google Cloud Platform account, which will net you $300 worth of rendering, and then fill out the form on the Render More site for an additional $500 in credit!

Google Cloud Platform VFX renderer Zync is live

Also on the Render More site, you’ll find details about an exciting chance to have your work featured on the Google Media landing page. Just create a render using Zync and upload it to social media using the #RenderMore tag (or send it to gcp-for-media@google.com) by 31 December 2015, and the best piece of work will be featured on the site!

If you don’t have anything of your own to render just yet, Google is offering a free model download from the Render More site.

Zync is also cutting all of its rendering prices by approximately 15% across the board. You can see the pricing options here.

There are also some free Zync Render tutorials for Maya and NUKE to help you get started with the service.