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cineSync announces new integration with Shotgun at NAB

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A new and improved integration between the two apps promises to let artists review and collaborate better than ever before


Initially available as a private beta, the brand new integration between video review and approval software cineSync and production tracking, review, and asset management toolset Shotgun consists of a Shotgun Review portal built into cineSync to let users review work and collaborate easier and faster than ever before. Users launch Shotgun Review from within cineSync and browse their Shotgun instance to identify clips for review. Versions and Playlists can be added from Shotgun to cineSync sessions with a single click. Any files stored in Shotgun will be automatically downloaded, while local files will be added as usual.

During the review session, cineSync users can use the inbuilt Shotgun Review to browse for alternate or previous Versions, to view all previous notes on Versions, and to add new Versions for review at any time, all without having to leave cineSync.

Once the review has been completed, cineSync users can publish all their notes and drawings to Shotgun. Additionally, users can merge cineSync data with existing Shotgun data – so in cases where annotated frames have been created in cineSync, but notes taken in Shotgun’s Notes App, users can simply choose to combine the two.

For more information about cineSync, visit www.cospective.com