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Is The Foundry for sale?

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Software giant famous for MODO and MARI allegedly on brink of being sold

Is The Foundry for sale?

According to a story published by the Sunday Times in the UK – echoed by a thread on The Foundry’s community forum – 3D software company The Foundry could be up for sale in 2015 for as much as £200,000,000.

The Foundry, whose major software packages MODO, MARI and NUKE have been used extensively in the movie industry for major releases such as Gravity and Avatar, was bought out back in 2011 by the Carlyle Group.

Is The Foundry for sale?

In a thread on The Foundry’s forum, user BradPeebler wrote:

“Don’t panic! Actually… PANIC! OK. Not really. I understand people fear change and on the surface this news looks like BIG change! Maybe so or maybe not. One thing is for certain, change is inevitable. The companies that embrace change and chase after it are the ones that evolve. Or die! But that’s the exciting part of the ride. OK enough fluff talk, let’s get down to business.

Are we for sale? Look, when owned by private equity, the only certainty is that an ‘exit’ will happen. It’s the natural progression of the business relationship.”

But who could be poised to fork out hundreds of millions of pounds for the company? The Carlyle Group is apparently looking for investors, but it seems to us that Autodesk can’t be ruled out at this point.

Last week The Foundry brought MODO indie and MARI indie to Steam.

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