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SIGGRAPH Diary: Day 2 Recap

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We bring you a daily recap of every great event from the conference live from Vancouver


SIGGRAPH Diary: Day 2 Recap

The official exhibition hasn’t even opened yet on Monday, day 2 of our SIGGRAPH, but already there was a visible increase in the crowds here in sunny Vancouver. Along with the amazing Talks, Courses, and Panels on Tuesday (we loved Rigging The Outcome featuring DreamWorks and Rhythm & Hues, more on that later) there was also a lot of amazing news.

Houdini Demo Reel 2014 from Go Procedural on Vimeo.


The Foundry had a big morning, announcing that they will be releasing a whole new NUKE range, including NUKE STUDIO, NUKEX and NUKE 9 all set for fall release as well as a new collaboration with Chaos Group that meant that V-Ray will soon come to The Foundry’s MODO, NUKE and KATANA.

SIGGRAPH Diary: Day 2 Recap
Solid Angle Splash Party on a boat! The Foundry's party at a club down town was next.

Chaos Group also told us that V-Ray 3.0 for Maya, for which the Beta program is now available, is being aimed for release to be out for IBC, so they are almost there! Anyone who buys a new commercial license for Maya will be eligible for a free upgrade. They then showed us the amazing work they’ve been doing at Chaos Group Labs, like the Wikihuman Project – essentially a panel of academic and industry experts from around the globe (including Paul Debevec and Dan Roarty) trying to eliminate the uncanny valley effect once and for all. The best part? They’re releasing all their findings for free as an open source project.

We then spoke to PipelineFX, who announced the release of Qube 6.6! at the show and were busy hosting the panel on Building a Next-Generation Render Farm Pipeline. New features were very impressive here, such as Flight Checks, which essentially check the render to make sure that everything in it is set to be correct before even starting the job. For instance, ensuring assets that are essential to the job exist, so that there are no annoying surprises when that render finishes in the morning.

Fabric Software is also coming to the show with big news, announcing an industry first with Fabric 50, which will allow a company, school, or anyone else to use 50 permanent licenses of Fabric for free, no strings attached.

Xsens showed off their impressively durable motion capture system, and Lenovo let us take a look inside their brand new P series of workstations: the ThinkStation P500, P700 and P900 systems. With internal architectures that are both all about keeping the machine as cool as possible as well as being ridiculously easy to modify and add on to (once opened up, you can change out pretty much anything in the machine without using any tools whatsoever), the systems ranged from the single-processor and dual-GPU of the P500 up to the P900, a dual-processor machine capable of handling up to three NVIDIA Quadro K6000s and a terabyte of RAM – it truly looked like the hardware version of a Ferrari.

SIGGRAPH Diary: Day 2 Recap

They weren’t the only impressive new hardware, though: later on in the evening, Dell threw an evening event were it announced the Dell Precision Tower 5810, Tower 7810, Tower 7910, and Rack 7910, all updated with Intel’s latest Xeon processors, DDR4memory, and next-generation graphics technology from NVIDIA at the same time. They will all be available to buy from the 9th of September this year.