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Free V-Ray Materials


RenderBox Studio explains why they started vraymaterials.co.uk, a public resource for free CG materials

Free V-Ray Materials

Despite assets getting more and more complex by the very nature of the increasing innovations in technology today, we’ve been noticing an interesting new development here at 3D Artist. Increasingly, studios are offering tutorials and even professional resources to other artists – completely free.

One such studio is RenderBox, a design studio that offer an array of services ranging from web design & build, advertising, and 3D work, as well as vraymaterials.co.uk, a completely free material library they aim to develop into a public resource. “One thing that you will often find in a lot of industries is that everything is on a need to know basis and not much is shared,” explains Rich Stothard, 3D Creative Director of RenderBox. The website, which allows anyone to download free V-Ray materials ranging from fur to liquids for Maya or 3ds Max; also has a free 3D model download section, a ‘materials in use’ section to see the materials in an example scene before downloading them, and a tutorials section.

Free V-Ray Materials

Users can even upload their own V-Ray materials, which are carefully checked to ensure everything is of the highest quality before being added onto the site, with a credit to the artist. “We love it when our users take advantage of the materials we offer and end up with results that are truly breathtaking,” Stothard continues. Even for the studios, he explains, there are many advantages to offering free resources such as these and allowing users to experiment with them. “One of the best ways to learn new techniques yourself is by reverse engineering something that someone else has created, which is why we encourage people to use, edit and reinvent the materials we have on offer. It’s just as exciting to see what other people can come up with.”

See more of RenderBox Studio’s work, and download your own free V-Ray materials at http://www.vraymaterials.co.uk/ and http://render-box.co.uk/

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