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MAXON announces CINEMA 4D R15

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The new CINEMA 4D release will include features to enhance 3D modeling, sculpting, typography, rendering and workflow

For those attending SIGGRAPH this week, the main stage at the MAXON exhibitor booth #315 will feature technology demonstrations exploring the new features and benefits of the newly announced CINEMA 4D R15, scheduled to ship in September. The new release of the popular 3D modeling, animation and rendering software will be available for both Mac OS X and Windows and includes a wide range of features to enhance 3D modeling, sculpting, typography, rendering and overall workflow.

MAXON announces CINEMA 4D R15

With the new Team Render, a simple click adds computers to a team and distributes complex render tasks over an entire network either manually or automatically via Bonjour, maximising on processing power and faster render speeds.

Sculpting directly onto any polygon model will also now be possible with R15, while the new Amplify brush will allow users to interactively inflate and use new draw modes to sculpt lines and areas defined by lasso, polygonal drawing or a rectangle. Artists can also use the new Project Mesh feature to adapt a simplified mesh to multiple sculpt objects to result in a new sculpt with an optimised edge flow and all the detail from the original sculpt.

For modeling, CINEMA 4D R15 introduces a highly customizable Bevel tool to create rounded corners with flexibility, and new capabilities have also been added to the comprehensive typography toolset over MoText and Text Splines to create complex typographic elements and animation.

To find out more about CINEMA 4D R15, visit http://www.maxon.net/products/new-in-cinema-4d-r15/overview.html. MAXON will also be including a live stream of the new features and more from its SIGGRAPH booth at www.c4dlive.com.