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Fifteen Blender projects in this year’s Google’s Summer of Code

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Blender has been once again been accepted in Google’s Summer of Code Program with 15 project slots this year

Fifteen Blender projects in this year's Google's Summer of Code

Being able to edit a mesh by sketching is part of one of fifteen Blender projects accepted into Google’s Summer of Code this year, which could mean very interesting new developments for the 3D open source software’s users.

Google Summer of Code is a yearly global program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source software projects over a three month period, with the accepted student applicants paired with mentors to ultimately create and release more source code for the use and benefit of all.

Blender’s projects include the anticipated ‘Sketch Mesh Editing’ by Alexander Pinzon Fernandez, which aims to develop a method for the user to sketch lines to edit their mesh while preserving the geometric details of the surface. Another project, ‘Texturing for Volume Rendering in Cycles’ by Rafael Campos, will aim to implement part of the texturing required for Volume Rendering in the Cycles rendering engine.With Volume Rendering fully implemented, users will be able to render Smoke simulations as well as other participating media with Cycles.

Other projects include additions such as deformation motion blur, new shader nodes, and improvements in the motion tracker, rigid body simulator, paint tools, dependency graph, and the BGE.

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