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3D Artist Issue 53 – With The Disc

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Want to know what goodies you’re getting with the issue 53 disc? Check out what we have to offer right here.

3D Artist Issue 53 - With The Disc


Unity Pro and CryENGINE 3

To support issue 53’s coverage of BioShock Infinite and Crysis 3, we wanted to give readers a glimpse into the practical side of the videogames industry.

With the disc this issue you’ll find the CryENGINE 3 software-development kit, fully featured and available for use with non-commercial videogame projects.

If you’re looking for an engine geared towards the casual end of the gaming scale, fear not! We’ve got you covered with Unity. Download the free version or go one step further with a 90-day trial of Unity Pro, which is fully featured for all your development needs.

3D Artist Issue 53 - With The Disc


Eat 3D CryENGINE training

Accompanying our issue 53 videogame content is two hours of CryENGINE 3 video tuition, courtesy of the awesome training site Eat 3D. And if you like what you see we’re also offering a special 20% reader discount for 3D Artist readers in the Eat 3D store. Simply grab the code from the disc and head to eat3d.com to explore a variety of expert training.

3D Artist Issue 53 - With The Disc


ZBrushWorkshops training

ZBrushWorkshops has also provided an hour-long video tutorial on building creatures. Here, Ubisoft Toronto’s Magdalena Dadela reveals the steps for making a character for use in a videogame, starting with the face from a simple base mesh. You can even download the Napoleon ZTL project file to follow her tutorial steps. Discover even more ZBrush learning materials at zbrushworkshops.com.

3D Artist Issue 53 - With The Disc


LightWave 11.5 exclusive trial

On the issue 53 disc you’ll find a fully featured 60-day trial version of LightWave 11.5. This latest release includes soft-body dynamics for effects, such as cloth and rubber, support for FiberFX and After Effects, as well as integration with ZBrush. Also new to the high-end software are interactive modelling tools and a Genoma character-rigging system. Simply follow the links on the disc interface to begin two months of free access.

Be sure to follow Craig A. Clark’s LightWave 11.5 tutorial in issue 53 to discover helpful tips and tricks for soft-body dynamics. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

3D Artist Issue 53 - With The Disc


Arch-vis assets and HDRI

On the disc we have five pro models from CGAxis’ Bedroom Collection Vol. 27 pack. Find four bed models plus one bedroom dresser in MAX, C4D, FBX, MTL and OBJ formats. What’s more, the CGAxis team is supplying a high-resolution and full-spherical HDRI map. This is available in HDR and JPEG formats. Visit cgaxis.com for even more.

3D Artist Issue 53 - With The Disc


Anatomy references

3D.SK boasts one of the largest sources of photo references. This issue, we have 50 anatomy reference images from its sister site, Human Anatomy For Artist. Included on the disc are images of dancing couples as well as jumping, fighting and posing figures – all extremely helpful when studying the human form. You’ll find more at human-anatomy-for-artist.com.

3D Artist Issue 53 - With The Disc


50 textures plus maps

3D Artist has partnered with texture database TRU Textures to bring you a hoard of top-quality textures for use in your projects. With the disc you’ll find a broad selection of seamless textures in PNG and BMP formats. Head over to texturesrus.net to find even more texture delights.

3D Artist Issue 53 - With The Disc


Tutorial files

As ever we’ve packed the disc with tutorial content to follow the magazine’s workshops. With issue 53 you’ll find:

  • Step-by-step by Jahirul Amin. Includes Maya scene files, three video guides and tutorial screenshots.
  • Step-by-step by Gavin Goulden. Includes the ZTL Spacegirl model, plus custom Alphas and screenshots.
  • Step-by-step by Justin Fields. Includes his ZTL model and tutorial screenshots for you to follow along.
  • Back to basics by Gavin Rich. Includes his MAX base meshes and project screenshots for extra help.
  • Q&A by Craig A. Clark. Includes a LightWave archive containing the scene and models used, plus extra screenshots.
  • Q&A by Richard Yot. Includes tutorial screenshots to follow his modo steps.

3D Artist Issue 53 - With The Disc


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