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Shotgun 4.0 to support plug-in style features

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Shotgun Software gears up to reveal new additions to its Shotgun software at this year’s Siggraph.

Shotgun 4.0 to support plug-in style features

Shotgun Software is set to announce new features for Shotgun 4.0 at Siggraph next month in Los Angeles, along with an upgrade to the pre-release version of Revolver, which is currently in private beta.Version 4.0 of the web-based production tracking and collaboration system will add several new features, including a new ‘app’ framework that provides access to enhanced plug-in style features via a set of web applications. These comprise a new Crew Planning app that will allow studios to manage resources more effectively and communicate crew schedules to everyone working on the project, updates to the Review Notes app and a Revolver app for customers enrolled in the Revolver private beta program.

Revolver – which was announced last April at NAB – is an all-in-one review toolset that makes it easy for teams in any location to view their latest work in the context of a cut; browse and compare iterations; annotate on images; write notes; and collaborate on shots in real-time. A web-based player provides access to the work from any browser or mobile device. Essentially, it allows teams to work as one even when they’re not in the same room.

More new apps for Shotgun 4.0 will be revealed at Siggraph in the Los Angeles Convention Center from August 7-9 2012. You can visit Shotgun Software at Booth #837, or head to its annual User Group Meeting on Tuesday, August 7 at 2:00PM.

Shotgun 4.0’s anticipated release is currently July 30.