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Autodesk Smoke 2013: Free Pre-Release Trial Now Available

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Head on over to the Autodesk website to grab your free pre-release trial version of the all-in-one video editing and visual effects software program for Mac

Autodesk Smoke 2013: Free Pre-Release Trial Now Available

Autodesk has announced that a free pre-release trial of Autodesk Smoke 2013, the video-editing and effects software for the Mac, is now available for download over on its website.

Key features include the intuitive Smoke UI, which combines track-based editorial, industry-standard editing conventions and Autodesk’s proven creative tools. Smoke features a robust toolset with high-end finishing tools, Action for true 3D compositing, the Colour Warper for professional grading and colour matching, the Master Keyer for one-clock chroma keying and stereoscopic 3D editing and effects, and ConnectFX for powerful node-based compositing inside the timeline for high-end effects and advanced compositing, all without leaving the editorial environment.

“The decision to radically redesign Smoke grew out of customer feedback and market research, in which the user communitity identified post-production workflows and pipeline efficiency as vital to their business,” said Marc Petit, senior vice president at Autodesk Media & Entertainment. “Since the debut, the Smoke design team has continued to innovate and enhance this groundbreaking software. The three-month pre-release trial period will afford users the opportunity to not only experiment with the unified editing and effects workflow, but also to provide additional feedback to our developers.”

Autodesk anticipates the full version of Smoke 2013 will launch September this year for $3,495 per licence. Get the free pre-release trial version over at autodesk.com/smoke-trial.

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