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Free Maxwell for Google SketchUp plugin


Maxwell brings new rendering power to Google SketchUp – for free! SketchUp users can take advantage of advanced rendering in a custom-built, easy-to-use package

Free Maxwell for Google SketchUp plugin

Maxwell for Google SketchUp is a self-contained (standalone) package containing its own render engine specifically designed for and fully integrated into Google SketchUp. This means that no other application is launched when you render your scene, and no exporting will be needed.

Easy to install and use, the features of the Maxwell for Google SketchUp plugin are quick to pick up, and since its integrated into Google SketchUp you’ll never have to leave the SketchUp interface. Maxwell for Google SketchUp gives maximum render power, right there.

Top 10 reasons to try Maxwell for Google SketchUp:

  • It’s easy to set up: install the Maxwell for Google SketchUp standalone plugin, and you’re away!
  • Maxwell’s high quality ‘real-time’ rendering gives immediate feedback in the renderer for scene changes
  • Fully integrated into Google SketchUp means no external render applications or interfaces to learn
  • Maxwell for Google SketchUp is a self-contained, standalone package with its own custom-designed render engine
  • Free materials! You’ll get access to thousands of free Maxwell Materials (MXM files)
  • The plugin is compatible with both Windows and OSX
  • Developed by Next Limit Technologies specifically for Google SketchUp means targeted power Maxwell right to the heart of SketchUp
  • It’s FREE! Which is always nice…
  • And if you love it, a licensed version is also available for just $95 US, which includes high-definition (HD) resolution

To discover and see how you can radically transform your SketchUp models with the power of Maxwell, visit the Maxwell for Google SketchUp webpage.

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