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CINEMA 4D and BodyPaint 3D celebrated for outstanding VFX

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MAXON congratulates its customers’ incredible VFX work, as recognised by the Academy of Motion Picture Art & Sciences and the Visual Effects Society for the celebrated digital filmmaking and television productions behind Iron Man 2, Boardwalk Empire and Alice in Wonderland

CINEMA 4D and BodyPaint 3D celebrated for outstanding VFX

During the course of 2010, MAXON’s CINEMA 4D and BodyPaint 3D were essential assets in digital filmmaking and television production. From the high-tech gadgetry used in Iron Man 2 to the historically accurate and inspired exterior set extensions of a bustling seaside boardwalk in Boardwalk Empire, and the visionary underground landscapes in Alice in Wonderland, the company’s 3D solutions continued to help artists create many of the year’s most acclaimed and imaginative characters, backgrounds and environments.

“We are honored that this year’s Academy Award nominees and VES winners continue to use one or more MAXON software solutions in the visual effects creative storytelling process,” said Paul Babb, president, MAXON USA. “Our customers continue to set the highest standards in 3D artistry and we salute their efforts in being recognized for creating entertainment of the highest caliber.“

Boardwalk Empire – Crazy Horse Effects – VES Award Winner “Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Broadcast Program
“The outdoor boardwalk set constructed for Boardwalk Empire required scores of elements to create a historically accurate portrait of the planked walkway and bustling seaside resort city,” Paul Graff, visual effects supervisor/owner at Crazy Horse Effects explained. “CINEMA 4D gave our team the flexibility to work quickly and lock down the general layout of each shot and build 3D matte paintings that injected period realism and poetic license to provide a more detailed representation of the times. Assets were textured and lit and then rendered out in perspective using CINEMA 4D’s new Global Illumination engine and painted over in Adobe Photoshop while the Projection Man module in CINEMA 4D allowed us to move and manipulate dozens of final rendered projection layers efficiently.”

Alice in Wonderland (Sony Pictures Imageworks) – Visual Effects Academy Award Nominee
“CINEMA 4D remains our top choice software for matte painting and it was a ‘no-brainer’ to incorporate the software into the production pipeline on Alice in Wonderland,” said visual effects artist Steven Messing. “Its unparalleled projection mapping toolset allowed our team at SPI to project multiple high-resolution textures on very dense geometry in real-time, while the displacement modifiers in MoGraph and 64-bit software support allowed us to ‘crank out’ full 3D shots within a matter of days.” Messing, who also used CINEMA 4D on Avatar and 2012 is currently leveraging the software on Prometheus, currently in pre-production. “I would not be able to achieve the incredible results I get using CINEMA 4D with any other package in such a short time frame.”

Iron Man 2 (Perception and Pixel Liberation Front) – Visual Effects Academy Award Nominee
“The greater part of our workflow at Perception relies on CINEMA 4D’s mind-blowing arsenal of creative tools that are fully integrated with Adobe After Effects,” said John LePore, Perception’s associate creative director. “CINEMA 4D gave us exceptional creative latitude to experiment and create elaborate 3D animated sequences and high-tech gadgets in line with Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau’s vision that looked futuristic yet believable – all prepared to conform to a feature-film VFX pipeline, while remaining flexible as the film was sculpted into its final form.”

For a complete listing of Academy Award nominations, visit: www.oscars.org/awards/academyawards/83/nominees.html, and for the VES Awards winners’ list check out: www.visualeffectssociety.com/9th-Annual-VES-Awards.

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