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Celebrate Cornucopia3D’s one-week content bonanza!

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Cornucopia3D.com has announced a major facelift, and to celebrate a fresh new look they’re offering a special 3D content bonanza!

Celebrate Cornucopia3D's one-week content bonanza!

In the past five years, Cornucopia3D has become a favourite online community for Vue, Poser or Daz|Studio users. Cornucopia3D members meet up in the forums, exchange ideas and knowledge on product features, and learn from each other as well as from acknowledged 3D experts. The Cornucopia3D store, with content ranging from basic 3D objects to complex scenes, is growing daily, along with the Cornucopia3D Portfolio – a personal homepage that users can customise and use as a professional presentation of their work, which has already proven to be a hit with members.

“To celebrate the growth of the community and the start of a new era at Cornucopia3D, we’ve created a new website design that we think is modern, fresh and exciting!” said Christie Knox, Cornucopia3D Manager. She adds: “One of the new features will be our brand new Classroom area, which will have some super surprises coming soon! Many other enhancements will be rolling out in the future, including features designed specifically for our Poser and Daz|Studio users!”

On top of many graphical updates, the new design proves to be more accessible with member account options listed across the top of the screen, user images featured in the new page header, and an overall gain in ease of navigation.

Content and Training Bonanza

To celebrate the introduction of the new Cornucopia3D website, Cornucopia3D is offering a one week 3D content bonanza, with up to 60% special discounts on popular items. Additionally, QuadSpinner, one of the major Vue training material providers and one of the leading Cornucopia3D affiliates, joins the celebration by offering up to 60% discount on all its training materials during a 24h flash sale for C.Club members – non members will benefit from a 40% discount.

For more information visit www.cornucopia3d.com