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MARI competition – win an NVIDIA Fermi graphics card & more!

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Enter The Foundry’s MARI competition for a chance to win an NVIDIA Fermi 5000 graphics card, a licence and full maintenance for MARI, and to get yourself featured in the very pages of 3D Artist magazine!

MARI competition - win an NVIDIA Fermi graphics card & more!

The Foundry has today set a question to all texture painters: Are you the best MARI artist in the world? How to find out? Simply download Dezkin, a model commissioned by The Foundry (massive thanks are sent to the artist, Oliver Marc Plouffe) to provide the perfect texturing challenge. With lots of texture sides, fabrics and cloth, details inside the guns etc, you’ll be able to really showcase your talent on this fella to impress The Foundry’s Jack Greasley and well-known texture artist and CGTalk host Leigh Van Der Byl. Brilliant!

Your entry will be judged both on the overall composition and the resolution of the textures you create, and the best of the entries received will be examined in higher detail still. They’re looking for high resolution textures (4K+) implemented into a lookdev-ready texture setup (a minimum of colour, bump and spec maps for each shader), and idiosyncratic details which make the textures more believable will get bonus points too! Brownie points may also go to those submitting animated textures, renderable scenes (Maya and 3DS Max etc), and for showcasing your work in progress on CG Talk. The first round starts today, and will be judged on screenshots sent to mari-challenge@thefoundry.co.uk and WIP threads presented on CG Talk.

The competition is held in partnership with NVidia, CG Society and 3D Artist Magazine, closing on Monday 27 March 2011. Please make sure you have permissions to distribute the textures you use!

Visit The Foundry for more details – and get painting!!