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Yeah, I know this yet another Star Wars fan-art piece, but if it wasn't for George Lucas I probably wouldn't have begun drawing when i was a tiny little kid, let alone begin making images with 3D software. So, this is my 'tribute' to one of the finest sci-fi moments ever made. All of the modelling was done with Cinema4D, as was the landscape. The Snowspeeder crew was made and polypainted in ZBrush. All textures were painted onto UV maps with BodyPaint and Photoshop. The rendering was done with Maxon's Advanced Render and post effects were painted in with Photoshop. This image was made with one Sun light source and was rendered as a whole piece, no multipass or comping. Only the laser blasts and some motion blur was added in Photoshop. This is a piece of a much larger and higher resolution image. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do : )
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