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On Friday DARG facility 3 (dark energy research group) ran their first experiment in reactor. Unfortunately something went wrong, and the strange non destructive explosion happened, forming a giant plasma bubble around facility. Unable to understand what they created scientists decided to evacuate facility, and monitor the phenomenon from distance. But, on the third day something devastating happened ... implosion forming around planet and imploding towards plasma bubble wiped out life of every living organism on earth... and again, without any material destruction. Everything just died. Ironically as it gets, the plasma that was created in first explosion was actually a protective shield, a safe zone... and not only that, it was bursting with some strange sort of energy amplifying life in all organisms left inside the plasma. The problem was that except for microorganisms, the only biological life left in the bubble was the seed in the trash... which after 1 year grew and formed what's known as the tree of resurrection. What scientists never knew was that dark energy was actually parallel spiritual world formed to give life to all biological life on earth... but, as with other things in nature it had its defense mechanism which human curiosity triggered. The proof that life is more than just a matter, actually came on our last day. Maybe it was never our destiny to get the answer to ultimate question. And you really think dinosaurs died from devastating asteroid impact??
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