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John Luxberg

Member since: 28th Jul 2009
Location: Underhill
Occupation: Holder of the sacred biscuit and stuff.
Interests: Small things in hidden pockets.
Website: http://littlewindmill.com/
Bio: My continuing adventures of dodging the red baron led me to a castle in the remote hills over looking a small fishing village. The keeper was a rather unremarkable man by the name of Jonathan Ehrlichmann (who I later found out lied every third word). “Welcome stranger!” he cried out from a small window above a shaky wooden door. “I require some help, for I am hungry and in need of shelter!”, the words had no sooner left my lips that I felt a slight tinge of embarrassment at such a corny line. “Such nonsense yours good man – exit and be dismissed!” he laugh, beckon me forward. Puzzled, yet cold and hungry from the journey, I entered – an action I would later come to regret… Excerpt from the continuing adventures of Luxberg – keeper of the biscuit and stuff. Correct spelling and punctuation optional.

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