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Redshift announces Houdini integration

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Carrie Mok

Houdini primitives and instances now supported

Redshift announces Houdini integration

Redshift has released its integration with procedural tool Houdini.

Key integration features include

  • Hair and Fur – Support of the Houdini curve primitives, that are extracted as RS hair objects.
  • Houdini primitives – Automatic and configurable tessellation of the Houdini primitive surfaces (primitives, nurbs, etc.)
  • Instancing/particles – Support of the Houdini instancing, including the Instance OBJ node, and the “instance” and “instancepath” attributes, extracted as RS Instances or RS Point Clouds
  • User Data Attributes – Support for arbitrary user data attributes per object or instance, enabling shading variation without requiring different materials
  • Strands – Render of any kind of Houdini primitive as RS strands
  • Volumes – Direct rendering of OpenVDB files and the Houdini Volume and VDB primitives. Support of volume instancing and velocity grids
  • Non-GUI tools – The plugin is compatible with all the Houdini non-GUI tools (hython, hscript, etc.) and includes a set of custom HScript commands to control the renderer.

Redshift announces Houdini integration
Redshift announces Houdini integration
Redshift announces Houdini integration

The GPU-accelerated renderer has already been integrated with Maya, Softimage and 3ds Max, with work under way for Cinema 4D and Katana.

Redshift can be downloaded from www.redshift3d.com. Licensing starts from $500 for a node-locked licence with one year of maintenance.