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Adobe Project Felix partners with Chaos Group to bring V-Ray to graphic designers

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Carrie Mok

Full V-Ray tech now available in Project Felix beta

Adobe Project Felix

Chaos Group has announced a partnership with Adobe that will see the V-Ray renderer integrated with new 3D tool Project Felix.

Project Felix is a 3D tool for compositing 2D images that aims to make the creation of 3D images easier for graphic designers without 3D training.

With the integration, Adobe and Chaos Groups have brought the same Academy Award-winning ray tracing technology used widely in the videogames and visual effects industry to a much wider audience. Photorealistic rendering can now be harnessed by graphic designers and first-time 3D users with this first public beta.

3D Artist spoke to Lon Grohs, chief commercial officer of Chaos Group, who explained that all of the technology being used to power V-Ray will be available to Adobe, “What you get there from the integration is you get everything that V-Ray offers, you get CPU rendering, you get GPU rendering, you get distributed rendering, all the underlying core technologies that we think makes V-Ray pretty great.”


Asked about who would benefit most from the Project Felix integration, Grohs said: “One of the things that are sort of special and interesting about the project is that it’s really geared for people who have never used 3D or maybe have dabbled in it, it’s for graphic designers to be able to start to integrate 3D workflows. I would say the typical 3D user, someone who is already working in Max or Cinema 4D or something like that, they’re not going to find Project Felix the right fit for their workflow but if you’re a graphic designer or if you’re someone spending a lot of time in Photoshop then this can be a nice extension. The technology is all there, the ability to tap into any parts of the rendering but what the user sees is a really nice, simplified clean interface, that removes the need for settings and all of that.”

What drew Chaos Group to the partnership was its core mission of enabling all artists and designers to visualise their ideas in the best way, “This is a real opportunity to open up the idea of rendering and 3D to an entirely new audience,” said Grohs. “There are millions of potential new users now – 2D artists, graphic designers – and I think that’s really powerful. It’s really exciting to bring photorealistic rendering to even more people.”

Adobe Project Felix

And thanks to the V-Ray AppSDK, any updates to V-Ray Core will be seen in V-Ray for Project Felix as they already are for Chaos Group’s other integrations which include 3ds Max, Maya and MODO, “If we come up with a new algorithm that brings additional speed, and if we come up with new lighting technology like we did for Adaptive Lights in [V-Ray 3.5], that core technology then becomes available and it can be accessed through the AppSDK,” said Grohs. “It really, at that point, becomes up to the Adobe team to determine how much they want to update the application and what features are necessary, so sometimes there will be new features specific to 3ds Max or Maya and there’ll be other features that are Core. And any of those Core features they’ll have direct access to.”

The Project Felix beta is available now to paying Creative Cloud users.

  • It sounds nice but that sample render isn’t giving me high hopes.