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A Monster Calls mo-cap: transforming Liam Neeson into a CG tree

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Carrie Mok

Liam Neeson spent two weeks doing motion capture with Audiomotion

A new featurette from A Monster Calls showcases some of the motion capture work involved in the fantasy film.

12-year-old Conor O’Malley (played by Lewis MacDougall) has to face his mother’s illness and school bullies. He escapes from reality by diving into a fantasy world of monsters, meeting a giant tree in the process – ‘The Monster’.

Liam Neeson plays ‘The Monster’ and spent two weeks with Audiomotion to create the mo-cap work, “When I saw a conception of what the monster looked like, it kind of blew me away.”

“Acting in and within motion capture was a first for me, I was involved with the motion capture for essentially two weeks. And most of my scenes were essentially acting with Lewis,” says Neeson in the featurette.

There were 45 mins of motion capture in the film, which meant that director, J. A. Bayone was not only working with storyboard but also concept designers and previsualisations done in 3D.

Director J.A. Bayona says of the film which includes his first animation outing, “From what I’ve done so far this is the most impressive film visually, in terms of style, the techniques.

Check out the video below: