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7 Ways To Create The Perfect Showreel: Day 6

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Carrie Mok

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Image by Emeric Renard

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6. Stand out

So, how can you make sure that your showreel stands out from all the others out there? The answer is not to depend solely on your showreel – the whole package has to shine. Smith notes that “a CV that demonstrates a real commitment to and passion for the industry can really support an application.”

Morgan goes further, saying “I select candidates who not only have great showreels but also have experience in a client-facing environment. Working in a pub, restaurant or retail environment whilst paying the bills for uni/higher education goes down very well in my book and is something I actively look for on a CV. It’s all about showing you are a well-rounded candidate.” He says Envy is looking for “individuals with a rare balance of technical ability and ‘soft skills’ (communication, initiative, decision-making ability and so forth).”

Morsy explains that he spends a lot of time visiting universities and he looks for “engaging artists who are passionate about what they do, who are prepared to go the extra mile to perfect their work. We will give feedback on the work and look for artists that can take that advice on board and come back to us with improvements and showcase their development.” He also notes that if you’re prepared to move, that’s a big plus, adding that MPC is currently looking for artists to join the team in Montreal, and that talent@moving-picture.com is the email address for interested applicants.