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7 Ways To Create The Perfect Showreel: Day 5

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Carrie Mok

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Image by Emeric Renard

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5. Production value

What your showreel needs to do is convince prospective employers that you are up to the challenge, which means producing something professional. Danny Bodell is a VFX MCR assistant at Envy, and when he put together the reel that got him the job his focus was something that “had a commercial feel to it”. It was a mix of 2D/3D animation, compositing and motion graphics, and he “wanted to make it clear I knew basic and advanced techniques in certain applications, that I understood good composition and the competitive standard of work needed to make it as a digital artist.”

So, assuming your work itself looks good, and the credits or captions explain what you’ve done, the big questions is… to soundtrack, or not to soundtrack? For Tom Morgan, head of client services, “The best showreels always have a great soundtrack… even on a subconscious level music is extremely effective when used well.” But for Omar Morsy, global head of talent acquisition at MPC, “My team sit in an open plan office so we don’t listen to the music – it’s the visuals we are concerned with. I would advise to spend your time tightening up a shot as opposed to working on finding that perfect piece of music.”

So, do what feels right to you musically, and remember that professional doesn’t have to be fancy. “The production value really doesn’t matter to us,” says Smith. “A fancy name card or clever music choices won’t make any difference if the quality of the work isn’t there.”