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Adobe goes 3D with Project Felix

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Carrie Mok

Adobe Project Felix aims to make compositing 2D images with 3D easier

Project Felix

Alongside recent software vendors like Corel and Microsoft who have recently ventured into the realms of 3D by adding more 3D features into Corel Painter and overhauling MS Paint entirely, Adobe has announced the beta of Project Felix – a new tool that will composite 3D assets with 2D images.

Debuted at Adobe MAX today, Project Felix will help designers working in 2D to create 3D compositions without the complexity of having to learn new 3D software.

Currently, Project Felix has these features in beta:

  • Designer-targeted interface and focused workflows
  • Auto-lights
  • Auto-align to image horizon
  • Magic Wand – with 3D capabilities
  • Real-time render preview window
  • State of the art photorealistic rendering
  • Seamless workflow with Photoshop
  • Adobe Stock assets
  • Adobe CC libraries
  • Physically realistic (MDL) material editing

With work already underway for improved interoperability with Photoshop and Illustrator, easy label/decal application, GPU rendering, working with basic (3D) shapes, modifying and combining them together to create abstract designs, vector and type extrusion for abstract design and support for more CC Libraries assets.

Adobe Stock will also be providing three new asset types for Project Felix with thousands of high-quality models, materials and lights all optimised for Project Felix.

Project Felix is currently in beta but will be available on Windows 10 and Mac OS X later this year for Creative Cloud subscribers.