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16 3ds Max plugins you should probably download

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Check out these 3ds Max plugins that you should try today

16 3ds Max plugins you should probably download

Forest Pack

itoosoft.com/forestpack.php €200 inc VAT for one-year subscription or free Lite version
Create vast surfaces of trees and plants and scatter millions of proxies, high-poly meshes or billboards.


neilblevins.com/cg_tools/scripts/3dsmax/soulburnscripts.htm Free
A collection of 79 amazing scripts to enhance Max by Neil Blevins, some of which are based on those written during his time at Blur Studio.


cgpack.com/catalyst $24 for two licences
A plugin to get five to ten times faster render times through the optimisation of V-Ray render settings.


max.klanky.com/plugins.htm Free
Created by Tom Hudson, one of the initial 3D Studio developers, this plugin generates random detail for everything from spaceships to cityscapes.

Image Composition Helper

cbuelter.de Free
Automatically visualise the Rule of Thirds inside the 3ds Max Viewport to instantly improve the look of both your 3D static renders and animation.

Advanced Painter

bit.ly/1DXhgtp Free
A legendary script for randomly distributing a selection of objects. Great for grasses, hair and fur, and stones and pebbles. There’s even a toothpaste generator option!


itoosoft.com/railclone.php €200 inc VAT for one-year subscription or free Lite version
Generate complex parametric objects including fences, stairs and floors faster than ever before.

Relink Bitmaps

colinsenner.com/scripts/relink-bitmaps Free
Easily relink missing files like bitmaps, VRayMeshes, mental ray proxies and VRayHDRI when they change directories or when you move computers.


bit.ly/1d8ng9P $499
This professional hair and fur plugin for 3ds Max is renowned for its quality and functionality, and it has been used at studios like Unit Image and Blur.


multiscatter.com $235
Create a scene with 500,000 objects at only 250KB right before rendering with this great tool.


kinematiclab.com Free
Intersect or subtract different meshes together using multiple sources and Boolean operations, perfect for adding instant interest to your model.


unwrella.com €149
Very few 3D artists like unwrapping UVs, but Unwrella is here to help – a powerful plugin for both Maya and Max that unwraps UVs in minutes.

Regularize Edge Loop

bit.ly/1QqQsby Free
Incredibly useful script for turning your poly selection into a circle. Works with edge loops on planar and curved surfaces as well as cross-sections. It accepts multiple loops at once too.


bit.ly/1EmcFm0 $645
Create sky, terrain and realistic sea surfaces including reflections, refractions, bump mapping, foam and underwater scenery.


rendering.ru/ru_en/madcar.html €200
A great plugin for quickly rigging wheeled vehicles and supports any number of wheels, from a motorcycle to a lorry.


cg-source.com/floorgenerator.php Free
An incredible arch-vis script that generates floor objects made of individual boards – works with MultiTexture: cg-source.com/multitexture.php.

Image: Multipurpose Skyscraper by Mohsen Hashemi

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  • Colin Senner

    Stephen, Thanks so much for the Relink Bitmaps shoutout and traffic. I hope it continues to save you time and money. Be well this holiday season.

    -Colin Senner

  • Let me just say: Thank you!! 😀

  • Jens Gehrcken

    quite the tools i use for archviz – not exactly i that order – as railclone should be further up.
    Also to mention http://sergepogosyan.com/batchcam/ … batchcam which i cant live without

  • Gabor Miklos

    I have to say that there are more plugins and scripts, that in my opinion, you shouldn’t miss, like:

    – Miauu scripts http://miauumaxscript.blogspot.hu/
    – Mariussilaghi plugins http://www.mariussilaghi.com/
    – rapidTools (free) http://rapidmxs.com
    – Rappa Tools http://remusjuncu.com/rappatools/

    And not to tell, most of them aren’t expensive at all…

  • eritojai

    Thank you ! if you have more recommendation of scripts that can boost workflow or anothe please let me know 🙂

  • Very Nice Post
    Computer Tricks

  • rode3d

    Here’s another great plugin for cleaning and managing multiple spline curves in 3dsmax:
    Spline Cleaner – http://www.splinedynamics.com/spline-cleaner/

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  • rode3d

    SuperHelix is also a cool 3dsmax plugin to create complex helix and spiral splines for 3D modeling, Animation and VFX. Both free and commercial versions are available.

  • Anatoly

    MoCapture plugin

  • Anatoly
  • Theophile Eyong

    Really awesome list!

  • Si

    SiNi Software too! Siclone, ProxSi, ignite, and Disperse. All at sinisoftware.com

  • I know anotherone good stuff for 3Ds max…This is realy useful.

    V-RayMtl Converter 3.0 – The useful tool for automating such a time-consuming process as converting different types of materials (currently supported: Standard, Raytrace, Autodesk Material, Architectural, mrArch&Design, Corona Renderer, fr-Advanced, Brazil Advanced) to V-Ray materials, as well as reverse conversion to Standard materials (which is very useful for game developers, modelers etc.)

    V-RayMtl Converter 3.0 — is a new version of the maxscript known as V-RayMtl Converter. This version is the next generation after version 2.5 and in comparison with the previous version new features and improvements appeared in this version: support for more materials, maps and other scene components, additional selection of materials for conversion, as well as more flexible options for converting and fixing the scene and its components.

    More detailed information about the new features and capabilities of the converter can be found here: http://maxtools.3dzver.ru/vmc

  • This is amazing, thank you so much for this!