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17 Blender plugins to download now

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Steve Holmes

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pablovazquez.org/amaranth Free
Created by Blender Foundation certified trainer Pablo Vazquez, these tools let you toggle to low-res preview mode, refresh scenes and more.

Node Wrangler

bit.ly/1Hzpjz2 Free
A variety of tools for working more efficiently than ever before through the use of node setups.

Start Cube Modelling

wahooney.net/category/addon Free
Speed up modelling with this add-on, which will create a cube, slice half of it, add a mirror modifier, enable clipping and take you into edit mode.

Asset Sketcher

bit.ly/1Ok5G3s $29.95
A Blender add-on that lets you paint objects directly into your scene for plenty of intuitive detail.

Gaffer – Light Manager

bit.ly/1DqDDoA $17.95
Easily light your scenes with a simple interface, presenting you with all the lamp settings you need to tweak in a panel.


bit.ly/XWJNz5 Free
Quickly generate basic ivy to crawl across a wall or natural environment – useful for detailing arch-vis.


bit.ly/1DjeFpW Free
Easily transfer textures and meshes between Blender and ZBrush.


bit.ly/1JAVNYt $71.25
Retopology tools designed for artists! Enables you to retopologise models directly in Blender.

Add Mesh Toolkit

bit.ly/1Ok616f Free
An epic script bundle that lets you add quick meshes to your scene, including ladders, pipes, gears and circular stairways.

Blender Camera Calibration

bit.ly/1DqEqG5 Free
An open source add-on to calibrate your virtual 3D camera so that its orientation and focal length match the camera used for a given reference photo.


bit.ly/VfDnZS Free
Generate realistic parametric trees according to a method developed by Jason Weber and Joseph Penn in 1995.


bit.ly/1JAWMYB Free
Generate books in Blender to quickly and easily fill shelves or cupboards.

Dynamic Spacebar Menu

bit.ly/1PtNbXB Free
Increases the functionality of the Spacebar for easy access to commonly used tools and features.

Blender Muscle Tools

cgcookiemarkets.com/blender/all-products/blender-muscle-tools $19.95
Create muscles in Blender to make your rigs and animations more realistic than ever before.

ANT Landscape

wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Add_Mesh/ANT_Landscape Free
Generate procedural mountains and landscapes, great for adding to the backdrop of any scene.

Sculpt Tools

blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?316520-Sculpt-Tools Free
One of the best sculpting add-ons you can get, modified by Blender Cookie’s Kent Trammel.


bit.ly/1EdqnGl Free
Quickly create accurate whole house structures with all the correct measurements, including walls, doors, columns, stairs and tiled roofs.

Image from IvyGen for Blender by Andrew Price