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Blender fans rejoice! Issue 83 is out now

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The latest issue of 3D Artist dives headfirst into Blender, ZBrush, Maya and more!

Blender fans rejoice! Issue 83 is out now


3D Artist Issue 83 is on sale today!


In issue 83 of 3D Artist we’ve gone above and beyond to prove, once and for all, that Blender can play ball with the big boys like Maya, 3ds Max and ZBrush.

We’re in awe of what the Blender community has accomplished since seeing the trailer for Cosmos Laundromat back in May, and so it felt right to take this opportunity to really take a look at just what Blender can do. After all, it’s being used by the community to make the pilot chapter of what will eventually be the world’s first open source animation feature film, and so our question is this: if you can make a movie with it, what else can you do?

We’ve put together a feature on 12 amazing things that can be accomplished using Blender, from achieving stunning realism and creating concept vehicles through to making your very own videogame or movie! Contributing tips are incredibly well known artists like Reynante Martinez and Sean Kennedy, as well as Jonathan Williamson and Kent Trammell from CGCookie and Andrew Price of Blender Guru.

After that we take a look at how Wargaming, famous for World Of Tanks, is rewriting the rules of videogame modelling and texturing by using real blueprints to build the vessels for its upcoming title, World Of Warships.

Then, we move into a bumper tutorial section, beginning with a still life masterclass in Blender from Reyante Martinez and followed by a mech masterclass from Mariano Tazzioli, some ZBrush creature comforts with James Suret, part two of Jahirul Amin‘s Maya rigging masterclass, designing a tank with Matthias Develtere from Wolfenstein dev MachineGames, crystal clear techniques in Blender with Kevin Hays and some lighting essentials in Blender and Cycles from Reynante Martinez.

On top of this we’ve got the usual world-beating selection of hand-picked images from the 3D community, a review of the latest workstation from Chillblast, our verdict on the Wacom Cintiq 27QHD, a look at Mixamo 2.0 and much, much more! Enjoy the mag, and as ever, feel free to contact us with your thoughts on the issue.

Steve Holmes, Deputy Editor 🙂


This issue there are also a massive 8GB of free resources courtesy of some really cool people to download from FileSilo.co.uk.

Your free downloads this month are:

• Essential Blender video tuition from the experts at Digital-Tutors
• Premium CGAxis models
• 25 awesome 3DTotal textures
• Exclusive demo version of Muscle Tools, a premium plugin for Blender
• Exclusive trial of Gaffer, a premium light manager for Blender
• A huge selection of images, videos and files from our tutorials


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12 Amazing Things you can do in Blender

Screen shot 2015-07#133EACB

World Of Warships: The Blueprint for Success

Screen shot 2015-07#133EFEC

Render Still Life with Blender and Cycles

Screen shot 2015-07#133F15A

Construct a Futuristic Mech

Screen shot 2015-07#133F0EC

Awaken a Beast with ZBrush

Screen shot 2015-07#133F776

Use Set Driven Keys to Rig a Hand

Screen shot 2015-07#133FDEF

Design and Build a Detailed Tank

Screen shot 2015-07#133FFE9

Model and Texture Crystals in Blender

Screen shot 2015-07#1340043

Set Up a Lighting Rig in Blender

Screen shot 2015-07#134009B