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Sponsored post: NaturalFront’s unique software gets your 3D animation business a giant step ahead

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Ever wonder how to stand out from the tough competition if you run a small-to-medium animation studio or if you are indie developer

Ever wonder how to stand out from the tough competition if you run a small-to-medium animation studio or if you are indie developer? How about just create your ingenious design and then get the computer create the game for you in a flash? Sound like a far-off dream, however tech start-up NaturalFront moves you a giant step toward this goal, with the highly critical task of 3D facial animation.

NaturalFront’s uniqueness is testified by animation veteran Mitsuru Kouzai, President & CEO of StudioGX Inc at Tokyo, Japan “I don’t think there’s any other software on the market right now that can do what NaturalFront Intuitive Pro (NFI) does.
Let’s take a close look at why NaturalFront’s software is unique.



The current version of NFI uses the photo of a face to create a 3D face model. With a few clicks on the face, a 3D face model can be very quickly generated.

Experienced character animator and animation director Loring Robbins from bouncyfruit.com in USA recently compared NFI with two other software – Di-O-Matic Facial Studio and Faceshift. He testified:

“Although each of the three software packages that I tested has its merits, NaturalFront Intuitive Pro came out a clear winner in the modeling phase, with easy to achieve, realistic looking models possible in less than a minute.

The model created by Natural Front was not as anatomically accurate as the model produced in Faceshift – although it was more than adequate – but it was by far the easiest process and provided the most accurate and highest resolution texture mapping of the three programs. There is no doubt whatsoever that this enabled NaturalFront Intuitive Pro to deliver the quickest, most photorealistic look of the three packages, and it did so at the most affordable price of the three. The (low) cost for this level of quality was really remarkable.”

Sponsored post: NaturalFront’s unique software gets your 3D animation business a giant step ahead



NaturaFront’s core strength is at animation and NFI is designed with complete automation in mind. Therefore, with NFI, business can create good 3D facial animation with

  • no need for rigging
  • no need for morphing
  • no need for traditional key-framing
  • no need for motion capture

Overall, animating with NFI is very intuitive and mostly automatic. To do lip-sync, one only needs to load the sound file and set desired poses at very high-levels, e.g. the mouth shape, brow shape and/or emotional state. The traditionally time-consuming way of manipulating each vertex of a shape is no longer necessary, and good 3D animation can be achieved extremely quickly.

The interface provided by Natural Front is also pretty user-friendly. The differing approach to the audio takes a very short time to become accustomed to, but once you get the feel of it, NFI offers a unique and simplified approach to key-framing to an audio track.

The current beta of NFI does not allow facial movements for extreme positions and expressions, and there are some areas where the skin deformation could be smoothed more effectively. However, in general, the ability for even the current version to create effective lip sync and emotional expressions in a very short time offers amazing value for small-to-medium studios and individual freelancers, which is unimaginable previously.


Work with other 3D software

The 3D model and its animation can be easily export to the FBX file, which includes specific blendshapes for each key that has been set in NFI. If you want to further enhance the automatically created animation, you can easily edit the animation curves for these blendshapes when imported into Maya, Max or Unity, or any other software supports FBX.



NaturalFront’s current beta release mainly targets small-to-medium professional studios and indie developers. It could provide a serious boost to their efficiency and productivity.

Overall, the speed at which facial modeling and animation can be achieved with NaturalFront Intuitive Pro is very impressive. Just in modeling alone, NaturalFront’s ability to cut the process of quality facial modeling to almost zero effort is truly revolutionary. The animation process has also been cut down to the bare minimum necessary and the amount of time needed to learn the interface is minimal. The NaturalFront Intuitive Pro software could shave up to four figures from the cost of creating an animated character. It is amazing that such an affordable product can generate this level of 3d character animation with so little effort”, said Loring.

By exclusively exploring a revolutionary 3D technology, NaturalFront not only enables businesses to create good 3D facial animation substantially quicker at a much lower cost, but also is able to improve its software at a much faster pace than other providers stick to traditional 3D modeling and animation.

Join NaturalFront to get your animation business a giant step ahead of competition, and also to start a revolutionary journey today.