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FirePro Friday #3 – Win SAPPHIRE AMD FirePro cards every Friday in the run up to Christmas

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Chris McMahon

It’s FirePro Friday week 3! This week we’re giving away a W8000! It just keeps getting better…

FirePro Friday #3 – Win SAPPHIRE AMD FirePro cards every Friday in the run up to Christmas

FirePro Fridays just keeps getting better! We’re now on our third week of our SAPPHIRE AMD FirePro giveaway, and it’s the best prize yet…

We’ve already run our FirePro W5000 competition, with Gary May being the proud winner, and we’ll be announcing the winner of our FirePro W7000 giveaway on Thursday 19th December.

This upcoming Friday, we’re giving away a SAPPHIRE AMD FirePro W8000!

The W8000 is ideal for multitasking and application performance across up to four displays. It boasts the innovative all-new Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture, and for 3D workloads, its GeometryBoost feature makes quick work of triangles, processing 1.8 billion per second.

You can learn more about this powerful card over at the official AMD website.

In order to enter, all you need to do is answer the following question before entries close on 20 December. Be sure to check out 3dartistonline.com, our Facebook and our Twitter for our final AMD FirePro giveaway on 27 December.

Good luck!

*** Competition Expired ***

  • mrcapncaveman

    That…Is a thing of beauty! Endless possibilities!

  • Daniel T

    Engineered to exceed expectations.

  • Kambiz Mahmoudi

    Wow! great workstation cart…
    everyday goes better and better.
    thanks for the chance :)

  • duane maddy

    Appreciating this contest! Thanks for offering it!

  • theophilus adjei

    marvelous…….am speechless

  • Pflame

    This will be a gaint leap for my 3d ambitions…..wow.yes yes yes

  • Omzing

    I already like my Firepro but damn this one would be a so great Christmas gift !!! Please AMD …

  • Tom Stephan

    Sure glad that this contest is running. I am learning Blender and render times can become quite long. Check out the render I did Friday. At 5,000 samples it took a little over 12 hours and still could have used more sample.
    Winning one of these wonderful video cards would sure be useful and adding glass into a scene less of a concern.

  • bofarr

    Sweet card, thanks for the giveaway!

  • AKAOx

    Look at this beast! Oh wow wow.. I really need an 3D Artist and AMD Santa this year!

  • Sasa

    Have to disappoint you with the fact that Blander is not AMD friendly unfortunately. OpenCL is almost not supported at all so fast rendering will not be possible with this card. Only Nvidia and CUDA will do the trick.

  • Edmond King

    Please please please please

  • Oğuzhan


  • Danny Oñate

    i want thissssss!!!! cheers from ecuador

  • Nishi Hahn

    me too Danny boy me too

  • hilmi

    i want

  • http://xelusprime.wix.com/ettiennev Xelus

    Unfortunately if you want faster rendering, Nvidia is the way to go with blender cycles. I Upgraded quite a few months back, from an ATi card to the Nvidia card due to GPU rendeirng not being supported for ATi cards. Blender internal also however supports only CPU rendering that I’m aware of.

  • Sudhakar Reddy

    Awesome one,wish to win!!!!

  • Troy Larson

    Merry Chrstmas everyone and good luck to all!

  • ana georgievska

    happy holidays!

  • Dmitriy Sukhanov

    Awesome! GL!

  • cedric

    this FirePro w800 is amazing

  • cedric

    this FirePro w800 is amazing

  • Nuno Maia

    Good luck to everyone :D

  • Engin Az

    If I win this one this should help me with finishing off my university animation projects quicker and maybe pushing it even further within impossible time frame. Sometimes I can’t help it but I go too ambitious with my projects :D

  • Christian Maldonado

    Would be a so awesome christmas with this under my christmas tree :)

  • Vipin Meshram

    i hope this time….this final time……please it’ll solve all my rendering requirements


    awesome !

  • Igor Strelnikov

    how lovely

  • Serg Ospishev


  • Aswin Ajay

    now thats a workstation made Worthy . . .

  • Денис Красько

    I’m in for this 1

  • Konstantinos Antoniou

    well done!

  • Julius Schlesinger

    It would be really helpful because meanwhile im working on some WaterSimulations in Cinema4D an getting a good preview is next to impossible because of the high polygon count.
    This card would help so much improving my work and doing it faster ^^

  • Juan Carlos Valdivia

    Entered! I hope to win!

  • ikwan

    i hope i win

  • Falco


  • Steamed Bryan Bun

    come I want this ,god bless me~