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Escape Studios Invisible Effects Webinar

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Larissa Mori

Join Taran Spear, NUKE artist at Electric Theatre Collective, as he demonstrates how VFX artists create the illusion of reality

Escape Studios Invisible Effects Webinar

Though many associate VFX with fantastical world and creatures, a lot of the time a visual effects studio’s work involves creating what is arguably the exact opposite. For most in the industry, this is all about producing invisible effects – work that will only be considered truly successful not if the audience praises the incredible effects at the end of a film, but never actually realises the studio had any involvement in the film at all – seamlessly merging the artificial and the real. This crucial yet often overlooked aspect of the industry will be the theme of ‘Invisible Visual Effects’, the latest in a series of free webinars visual effects academy Escape Studios hosts every month.

Taking place this Thursday 12 December from 18:30 to 19:30 GMT and available to anyone who registers for the event on the Escape Studios website, the webinar will see Taran Spear, NUKE artist at London-based Electric Theatre Collective, demonstrate how VFX artists create the illusion of reality using compositing techniques. Industry-standard compositing tool NUKE will be introduced with an explanation on how to composite a 3D asset onto a back plate, as well as techniques such as adding subtle enhancements that help embed virtual assets and a sneak peek at where these techniques are used in our favourite feature film blockbusters.

Find out more about the webinar and sign up for free on the Escape Studios website.

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