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LightWave 11.6, NevronMotion and ChronoSculpt officially released

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Newtek ships LightWave 11.6, which includes new motion capture plugin NevronMotion; as well as ChronoSculpt: its new time-based sculpting tool that allows you to sculpt models into animations!

LightWave 11.6, NevronMotion and ChronoSculpt officially released

After the announcement of the upcoming software at SIGGRAPH this year, NewTek has announced the final release of LightWave 11.6, which can include new motion capture plugin NevronMotion –  allowing users to quickly and easily capture, adjust, and retarget motion data to 3D models inside LightWave using Microsoft’s Kinect camera.

The new update to NewTek’s 3D modelling, animation, and rendering software also includes features such as 3D printing support, the ability to review in full stereoscopic 3-D as well as the Spline Control tool, which allows objects to act as nodes in a spline to control or deform objects such as tentacles, tails, whips or even elevators; Raycast Motion, which utilizes raycasting technology to make an animated object aware of its surroundings; and the Compound Node feature to allow users to simplify complex networks down to a single node.

NewTek had already also shipped their new time-based sculpting tool, ChronoSculpt, yesterday; which allows users to sculpt models into animations over time with Sculpt, Drag, Pinch and Erase tools and more.

The full version of LightWave comes complete with PDF based manuals, training material and content material to aid your learning path with LightWave. When you buy LightWave you will receive both Windows and Macintosh versions for $1495 (USD), or from $95 to update from a previous version. NevronMotion is an add-on for LightWave 11.6 or higher, and costs $299 (USD).

The full version of ChronoSculpt will also come with a PDF based manual, training material and content material to aid your learning path, and is available for both Windows and Mac at $399 (USD).


Find out more about ChronoSculpt at www.3dartistonline.com/news/chronosculpt/, or LightWave 11.6 with NevronMotion at www.3dartistonline.com/news/lightwave-11-6/

Or, read more on LightWave 11.6, NevronMotion, and ChronoSculpt on NewTek’s website here.

Watch more videos of all three products on NewTek’s YouTube channel

  • philnolan3d

    Don’t forget one of the most money saving things about LightWave for studios, unlimited render nodes for free. No need to buy another license for every computer you want to render on. This means even a freelancer can hook up a few extra laptops as a home render farm at no extra cost.