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Affordable point-and-shoot 3D scanner launches on Kickstarter

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Fuel3D Inc. has announced the start of a crowd-funded campaign on Kickstarter to launch the Fuel3D scanner


Affordable point-and-shoot 3D scanner launches on Kickstarter

The main purpose of the Fuel3D scanner will be to provide high quality 3D scanning to a wider market, and with buyers today expected to pay over $15000 for a handheld scanner that provides similar quality results, Fuel3D’s special offer through Kickstarter of being less than $1000 seems very promising.

Fuel3D is also the world’s first 3D scanner that combines pre-calibrated stereo cameras with photometric imaging to allow it to capture and process a 3D model in seconds, even including the ability to capture colour information. The technology behind the scanner was originally developed within Oxford University for medical imaging applications.

“The unique technology that we have developed allows us to offer what is literally a point-and-shoot approach to capturing both 3D data and colour, and we are confident that no one else in the world is able to offer this kind of solution at the price that we can achieve”, explains James Paterson, CTO of Fuel3D Inc.

Fuel3d Inc. has also teamed up with another Kickstarter success story, the 3D design software company Uformia, so that Kickstarter pledgers have the opportunity to get their product bundled with Uformia’s MeshUp software, the first real volume modeler for meshes.

“Right now, a large obstacle to 3D printing adoption is the difficulty in producing the digital 3D models required”, says Roger Chang, CEO of Pirate 3D. “A high quality affordable scanner will really change the 3D printing game and Fuel3D’s 3D scanner looks set to put 3D modeling capability into everyone’s hands.”

For more information visit the Fuel3D Kickstarter site here

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    For anyone with a technical question they might need answering, be sure to visit our new blog site: http://www.fuel-3d.com/blog/

    Currently, it details the ‘Fuel3D and output resolution for 3D printing’. The blog will
    continue to be expanded upon so stay tuned for more updates: future blogs are
    soon to include stitching representations.

    You can also check out our White Paper here:

    Together with the Kickstarter video, this gives a good overview of what
    the Fuel3D is about, what it is capable of and also how it captures images for
    high-resolution surface detail.

    Charlie – Fuel3D