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Brain Dump: A galaxy of inspiration for any 3D artist

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Amazing new app, Brain Dump, condenses an encyclopedia’s worth of facts into simple, digestible articles. Now available for fact-hungry scholars worldwide

Brain Dump: A galaxy of inspiration for any 3D artist

Imagine Publishing today proudly announced the launch of Brain Dump, a first-of-its kind digital-only science magazine for iPad and iPhone.

Brain Dump delivers a flurry of fascinating facts every issue, reducing tough-to-grasp concepts about science, nature, technology and more into bite-size, easy-to-learn articles for the Twitter generation. Want to know more about the rings of Saturn, how sharks hunt, or the intricacies of string theory? Brain Dump condenses even the most difficult subject matter into clear, understandable chunks of digestible information.

It’s a great accompaniment to the arsenal of any on-the-go 3D Artist. Simply open up the app and start browsing this exciting magazine for all manner of information on natural phenomena; feats of astounding engineering; or facts about space and the beyond. Not only do you get to enhance your understanding of the world, but the incredible illustrations that accompany these informative articles are bursting with inspiration for your next project. Flick through Brain Dump’s pages and you’ll be taken on a journey that encompasses everything from the delicate tendrils of a neuron to the swirling arms of a far-flung galaxy. Brain Dump is positively packed with ideas and inspiration that are sure to influence any imaginative artist’s next 3D project.

Brain Dump: A galaxy of inspiration for any 3D artist

Not only this, but Brain Dump is also a genuinely new and exciting product, tailored directly to today’s world of online entertainment. “Brain Dump is a brand-new digital publishing initiative that will make everyone sit up and take notice – from its cutting-edge subscription model to the bespoke design and shape of the content,” says Aaron Asadi, Imagine’s Head of Publishing.

Brain Dump stands alongside Imagine Publishing’s incredible selection of knowledge and technology magazines – including How It Works and 3D Artist – as an educational resource filled with breathtaking photography and incredible illustrations. “Brain Dump is a dynamic, exciting product that represents the very best of Imagine Publishing: our commitment to the Content Is Kind strategy; our love of style and quality, accessible editorial; and our immense dedication to leading the knowledge/science sector.”

A groundbreaking product available to subscribe to on Apple’s Newsstand from only £0.69p/$0.99, Brain Dump marks the dawn of a new publishing category. So what are you waiting for? Head to the Brain Dump Facebook page or Twitter page and get involved today!

Download the Brain Dump app now: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/id649429083 Subscribe from only 69p/99c per month.

Brain Dump: A galaxy of inspiration for any 3D artist