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Set Visions interview

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We chat with Set Visions about merging the worlds of photography and CGI

Set Visions interview

Can you please tell us a little about Set Visions and the history of the studio?

Set Visions was established over 25 years as a commercial photographic studio, combining photographic and creative skills with emerging technology. Having transitioned from film to digital, and more recently (approximately five years ago) launching a unique photorealistic CGI brand named ‘PIX’, Set Visions has advanced, and can now successfully deliver dual discipline image solutions to a much wider audience.

Why did you decide to go from a photography-only studio to a photography and CGI studio? 

A key element of our success is timing, and a renewed awareness of CGI caught our studio’s attention at the right time! As the economic downturn began, particularly within the architectural area, we noticed a slight increase of CGI awareness within the home interiors market. This new prospect for CGI visuals in our market resulted in an acceleration of CGI technology, and so an opportunity arose. Supplying duel disciplines made us more competitive, utilising assets and adding value when budgets needed it most.

What tools/software do you mostly use at the studio for your CG work?

Software used are 3DS Max, Rhino, Vray & Photoshop.

Set Visions interview

You’ve mentioned that your team of CG Artists include photographers and stylists – in what way do they work together? How are the disciplines of photography and CGI combined?

Each image created is a collaboration of skills; CG artists mixed with professional photographers and stylists balance the aesthetics of every image. Our traditional creative studio process remains, uniting such skills as lighting, camera angles, decor and the use of CG technology to produce the final image.

What truly excites you about CGI today?

How it thrives through the ever-changing boundaries provided by developing technology. Passionate and obsessive, we enjoy the challenges this brings when creating photorealistic visuals. New tools open new avenues, enabling growth from 2D stills to movies, 360s, design visualisers and interactive web tools for use across multimedia.

What’s next for the studio?

The Set Visions team relishes the opportunity to constantly develop new skills and evolve. Through resource, talent and technology available, we aim to showcase our progression with each image created. Our CGI team is expanding, helping us to get more of our work recognised and viewed by a wider audience, beyond the UK and Europe…worldwide!

To learn more about Set Visions, please visit setvisionspix.co.uk

Set Visions interview