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The 3D Artist CG Student Awards – more exciting entries

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Check out some of the amazing entries so far in the 3D Artist CG Student Awards. Have you entered yet?

If you’re interested in being featured, be sure to head over to the 3D Artist CG Student Awards page right now to submit your work. There are thousands of dollars worth of prizes to be won, not to mention some internships at the world’s top visual effects studios!


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“I’ve been interested in CG since childhood I guess. White Russian is a name of the CG/graphic design art-collaboration of me and my friend. This animation is a kind of starting sequence for our brand.”



CG Student Awards page

“I’m a self taught CG generalist with a huge passion for character animation. After working as a generalist for many years I decided to go back to my original passion, so I made a conscious decision to join Animation Mentor which became one of the best decisions I made in my entire career. The work I’m showcasing here is the fruits of my labor; over a year and a half of hard work while I was studying at AM. Hope you like it!”




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“Born in Jakarta – Indonesia, an intense personal affair with film, music and art led Hariz to choose motionography as his solid discipline. Currently attending 3D Animation and VFX program in Humber College he resides in a silent west side area of Toronto, Ontario. He loves moving pixels, provoking frequencies, visceral story telling and steganography.”



Kevin Lu

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“I’m a lighting artist from Ringling College of Art and Design. I spent the last year co-directing a short film anticipated to be released in the next month. I fell in love with painting with light during my first CG project. My goal is to grow as an artist in lighting, modelling, texturing, compositing and visual development. I would love to work for feature films one day and maybe move an audience with my art. With a combination of passion and hard work, anything is possible!”




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“My name is Ting-Jung, Hsu and my nickname is Tin. I just graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design. Lighting is a fun learning area for me and I have a great passion for studying it. I want to continue learning lighting/shading skills for high-end productions.”




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“My name is Jen, I am a 3D animator that is new to the industry. I attended Vancouver Film School to study modelling and ended up falling in love with animation. I have been diving head first into the animation pool ever since.”


If you think you have what it takes to enter the 3D Artist CG Student Awards and win some amazing prices, then head on over and submit your work today!