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Shaderlight announces competition winners

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Three talented fans celebrate with big prizes for their exceptional renders

Shaderlight announces competition winners

In July, ArtVPS, developers of SketchUp plug-in Shaderlight launched a competition to see what its users could do with the launch of its latest render contest. Hundreds of entries poured in from across the world, and after lots of head scratching and discussion from judges who included Mike Lucey from SketchUcation and our very own Lynette Clee, three top images have been selected as the winning entries.

David Harris from Texas scooped the first prize with the above render of a truck, earning £200 Amazon vouchers for his work. David said of his win: “I am blown away. After I entered the contest, I saw some of the other renders on the forum and knew it was going to be a tough choice for your judges”.

Competition judge Mike Lucey from SketchUcation commented: “David’s image really grabbed my attention. For me, he has produced an image that is streets ahead of the rest – and a lot of the other entries were very good.”

Carrie Barker, architect at Overcash Demmitt Architects in North Carolina was awarded the second prize and $100 Amazon vouchers for her render of a hotel, which can be seen below.

Shaderlight announces competition winners

Resident Shaderlight guru, Martin Cox, said: “This image has a lot of detail and the longer you look at it, the more you notice. Combining this with the street view background shows the true scale of the building. Shaderlight is a really popular tool for architects around the world and it’s great to see it being put to such good use”.

Third place went to Duane Kemp, who uses Shaderlight for animations and stills for his work at Kemp Productions. His render of this interior won him $50 Amazon vouchers.

Shaderlight announces competition winners

Martin Cox said of the image: “We know that Duane creates some great work using Shaderlight so it’s no surprise that one of his images was selected by the judges. The first thing that jumps at you in this render is the camera angle, which is not one that you see every day. We were also impressed with the use of shadows from the objects and plants which really shows off Shaderlight’s lighting features”.

Graham Wylie CEO at ArtVPS said: “It’s always great to see the high quality of work being produced by Shaderlight fans around the world. What’s particularly heartening is the wide range of people using our tool, from professional architects and designers to students and people who just love rendering with Shaderlight as a hobby. We’re also starting to see a few of the much younger fans starting to enter our competitions, with impressive renders being created from budding architects as young as 13! We look forward to seeing new work as our product continues to develop and grow in popularity around the globe”.

You can learn more and see some of the other entries on the Shaderlight blog.

  • We are delighted to see such great work submitted from fans globally. As a user, I thank ArtVPS for coming to the end of the process and releasing the news. Congratulations to David Harris and Carrie Barker for winning the first and second place awards. Wonderful works being done by Shaderlight are an inspiration and motivator for striving for excellence in every render.

    For Kemp Productions, it’s an honor to be a winner in the pool of such diversity, experience and talent, especially when appreciating the render quality of such works as those submitted as entries for the competition.!

    Duane Kemp

  • So honored to be in the winner’s circle as well, and see all the great work created for the competition.