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Image of the week: Mrs Tulumba Modern House by Sergio Mereces

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Congratulations to Sergio Mereces on this stunning arch-vis project of a modern home and office space

Mrs Tulumba Modern House by Sergio Mereces

Artist: Sergio Mereces
3D Artist Online username: smereces
Image title: Mrs Tulumba Modern House
Sergio says: “Architectural visualisation for a modern house and offices in Angola”

3D Artist says: We love the impact of this incredible render: the lighting makes the building feel like a magnificent feat, and the surrounding environment really helps us to understand the scale of this architectural wonder. Impressive work!

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  • good morning,

    I want to thank the support to all the community and the distinction of my image to image this week.
    Iam really delighted to receive this news and is a pleasure.

    Thanks to all the team 3dartist and the community.
    best regards
    Sérgio Merêces