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Image of the week: Azuma House by Matheus Passos

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Matheus Passos has made a sharp environment comfortable with great use of materials and simple furnishings

Azuma House by Matheus Passos

Artist: Matheus Passos
3D Artist Online username: Matheus Passos
Image title: Azuma House
Matheus says: “Azuma Design is a true home of the original inspiration Azuma House by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando. This project was a lot of fun; I wanted to study HDRI lighting and concrete materials. During the studies I found that the time to render in HDRI directly becomes very long!”

3D Artist says: The composition of this scene has been well thought out, with careful attention paid to the framing and leading the eye around the image. The lighting is exceptional, with the reflections bringing this creation to life. Great work!

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  • faraaz

    im a fresher to this 3d modeling field sir…! Just need ur guidns….! So just give me few tips how to hang this field for a long time…..! And seriously love the wrk amazing work…..!