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Daniel Simon discusses his work on Prometheus

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Trading in his suits from the car design world for Hollywood, Daniel Simon gives insight into working on blockbusters, including Tron: Legacy and now Prometheus

Daniel Simon featured in issue 15 of 3D Artist magazine

Despite popular belief, Hollywood isn’t all glamour. In comparison to Daniel Simon‘s background in the automotive industry, when he worked for the likes of Bugatti and Honda and where fancy company cars, business-class flights and sharp dressers were the norm, in the LA movie business it’s much easier to stay grounded – in what is quite often modest, temporary offices.

And it’s all about speed. “You have art directors monitoring your work, walls are plastered with schedules, and a flood of emails remind you every moment of your duties,” Daniel Simon describes. “In your own art studio, you rarely decide to change a jet plane into a propeller train within a day. That’s Hollywood. All is in flux.”

Check out this freshly released interview with Daniel Simon at RTT Excite 2012, where he reveals all about concept designing for movies – including his recent vehicle design work for ‘Prometheus’:

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