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New modo 601 texture painting video tutorials from Luxology

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Luxology launches video tutorials by Richard Yot to teach photorealistic texture painting with modo 601’s painting tools

Available now in the Luxology store for just $35 is a downloadable course by 3D Artist regular Richard Yot, offering almost four hours of video content plus six LXO files and 62 assorted images in Luxology’s most comprehensive guide to modo painting yet to be released!

The course offers artists a chance to train in the art of texture painting in modo, learning modo 601’s paint tools, Shader Tree, and the Preview Renderer to create custom photorealistic textures for:

  • a tree frog
  • a corroded oil drum
  • and a classic leather chair

Visit the Luxology store for further information and to purchase this brand new training from the home of modo 601.

Check out the modo 601: Texture Painting Video Tutorial Overview: