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Marshmallow Laser Feast gets creative with Unity

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When Marshmallow Laser Feast wanted the ultimate immersive movie-like experience, Unity was the game engine of choice for a 3D projection-mapping project like no other

An immersive movie experience like no other

Who is Marshmallow Laser Feast? Three UK companies collaborate under the identity Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF) – essentially a skilled network of artists, designers, animators, directors, architects, engineers, programmers and musicians

What was the project? Dynamic projection mapping with camera/head tracking for Sony PlayStation Video Store

Who was it for? Sony Entertainment Network

What software was used? 3ds Max, Unity

For the launch of the Sony PlayStation Video Store, Marshmallow Laser Feast’s job was to bring a living room to life with hints of various Hollywood blockbuster franchises over three films. Deciding to push projection mapping to new levels, the collective projection-mapped a living room space with camera (or head) tracking and dynamic perspective. With all content real-time 3D, the camera or head was tracked to match and update the 3D perspective in real time to the viewer’s point of view. The results? Spectacular.

MLF explains why Unity was the game engine of choice for this particular project: “We chose Unity because we had such a short development period, and Unity allowed us to turn the project around in the short time frame,” says MLF. “Our 3D animators could work in 3ds Max, import their models and animations into Unity, and further tweak the positions, animations, keyframes, timing, etc.

“Unity has an intuitive GUI, which most 3D artists can pick up very quickly. Also a lot of the events can be scripted quite simply. Finally, Unity allowed us to add the real-time polish that we needed, deferred rendering, lots of lights, soft shadows, ambient occlusion, particles, lots of other post effects – all in real time, which normally would have taken us a lot of time to develop. But, thanks to Unity, we could just enable them all with a tickbox!”

Watch the making of MLF’s mammoth undertaking here:

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