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InterPro Workstations helps speed up renders

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InterPro Workstations pulls out all the latest bells and whistles to help speed up workflow and reduce render times

InterPro Workstations keeps products fresh and competitively priced

It’s been a great year for professional workstation manufacturer InterPro Workstations. The company’s refreshed and diverse product range now includes the third generation 6-core i7 – IPW-SB (i7) and the just released Intel Dual 8-core Xeon – IPW-DX8, while its ‘help site’ continues to receive record numbers of visitors.

Despite tough economic conditions, InterPro has recorded exceptional growth over the past 12 months, posting new record figures for their latest financial year. While the market remains somewhat stagnant, InterPro believes that the key to its success has been keeping its products fresh and competitively priced, while placing emphasis on its technical support and service levels to take the company from strength to strength.

Check out Interpro’s help site to see if they have a solution for you.