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Call for entries: CGarchitect Architectural 3D Awards 2012

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CGarchitect founder Jeff Mottle encourages everyone in the arch-vis industry to submit to the 9th annual Architectural 3D Awards

CGarchitect announces the Architectural 3D Awards 2012

Winners of CGarchitect‘s prestigious Architectural 3D Awards will be awarded at an exclusive awards ceremony at the Mundos Digitales Conference 2012 in La Coruna, Spain, winning over $50,000 in prizes.

The competition is open to everyone in the architectural visualisation industry to highlight the best imagery, animations and real-time projects created in 2011 and 2012. The awards have been split into five categories:

A panel of expert judges will choose the top five nominees in each category, with the winner of each receiving an exclusive trophy at the Mundos Digitales Conference 2012.

Don’t miss out! Get these dates in your diary:

  • Deadline for entries: 19 May
  • Judging: 25-31 May
  • Nominees Announced: 1 June
  • Winners Announced: 7 July

Winning tips

For those interested in participating next year, CGarchitect founder Jeff Mottle counsels: “The best piece of advice would be to create something that is unique, inspiring, thought provoking, and pushes the comfort level of what the industry is used to seeing. We’ve had nominees and winners from all walks of life and a wide variety of types of work, so check out this and past year’s awards to see where the bar is set. People are their own worst critics, though, so I always try to encourage everyone to submit. I’ve seen awards-winning artists not want to submit because they did not feel their work was strong enough.”

Reasons to enter

Jeff Mottle explains why it’d be well worth submitting to the CGarchitect.com Architectural 3D Awards 2012:

  • The awards have become widely recognised as the top awards in the field, and many winners have been able to advance their careers as a result
  • Companies pay close attention to the winners and nominees, and many of them become highly sought after following the awards
  • We have a few new things coming for the awards next year, which will mix things up a bit, so stay tuned for that in spring 2012!

Visit the Architectural 3D Awards website for further information.