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Bunkspeed SHOT, MOVE, PRO and DRIVE 2012.4 hit the streets

News & Features

Bunkspeed announces version 2012.4, a major update featuring powerful production and real-time presentation enhancements for SHOT, MOVE, PRO and DRIVE

Viewports now have multiple layout choices

Bunkspeed‘s rendering and visualisation software for design, engineering and marketing gets updated with version 2012.4, featuring powerful production and real-time presentation features to raise the bar for professional 3D rendering and animation.

New features include:

  • Multi-Layer Materials (Pro and Drive Suites) – Materials can be layered so you can have, for example, a “glass layer” on top of “carbon fiber”, or a “dirt” texture map on top of car paint. Materials can be stacked with up to four layers, creating sophisticated and complex material renditions with ease
  • Auto-Update of Backplates, and High Dynamic Range Images Edited in Any Open Application (Shot, Move, Pro and Drive Suites) – Auto-Update monitors a file for changes on the file system. For example, if you are editing a backplate in Photoshop, when you save a change to the backplate, Bunkspeed detects the change and automatically updates the file in Bunkspeed software. This creates an interactive workflow for rapid update and iteration of in-session edits. Common workflows include lighting creation and HDR enhancement in HDR Light Studio, backplate painting in Photoshop, or texture creation in Filter Forge
  • Region Render (Pro and Drive Suites) – Choose a subset, or “region”, of your image to render. Region rendering is camera-specific, so various regions can be specified on multiple cameras. Region rendering is a key professional-level workflow and productivity enhancement
  • Multiple Working Viewports (Pro and Drive Suites) – Now you can have up to four viewports visible simultaneously, with each viewport referencing a separate definable camera, model set or environment. Great for presentations, showing multiple variations simultaneously, or even working on animation setup where the animated camera can be viewed in one viewport and the animation ribbon can be adjusted in another
  • Full Screen Mode (Shot, Move, Pro and Drive Suites) – The application window can now be full screen and borderless for a clean appearance during important design review presentations or daily use
  • Baked Lighting (Drive Suite) – For high quality real-time presentations, baked lighting is extremely useful. Baked lighting dramatically improves the quality and believability of models during rasterised rendering, giving “near” raytrace quality with super fast and completely noise free interactivity
  • Network Rendering – Bunkspeed PowerBoost – Major improvements (Pro and Drive Suites) – Bunkspeed has made significant workflow, stability and functionality improvements in network rendering. The network rendering Queue is now a production verified tool that many of our customers can’t live without. Queue and PowerBoost are significant productivity enhancing tools for offloading large renderings and animation jobs to either a local or remote cluster
  • New Pro/E and CREO Plugin (Shot, Move, Pro and Drive Suites) – Bunkspeed has re-introduced direct support for Pro/E and CREO user via a plugin. Quickly model, adjust, then push your design into any Bunkspeed product to see it in photographic perfection

Pricing and availability

The 2012.4 release of Bunkspeed software integrated with NVIDIA iray 2 rendering technology is available today for download at the Bunkspeed website. Pricing starts at $495 for SHOT, $1,495 for MOVE and $3,495 for PRO.