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3D Artist issue 40 is now on sale. Read on for many great reasons to pick up your copy today…

The latest issue of 3D Artist is out now! It includes tutorials on rigging in modo 601, how to get smooth results using Pixar Subdivision Surfaces, tackles an architectural project from the ground up in Blender, plus loads more.

Master arch vis projects in Blender

Tutorials in issue 40 include Lech Sokolowski’s guide to building a one-floor family home – a typical project common in studios and for freelancers to be tasked with. In this first part of three tutorials, we tackle the modelling and texturing in Blender, with techniques that can easily transcend to more complicated builds of your choosing. Find building plans, modelling scripts and the finished model from this part on the cover disc.

Create quick animations in modo 601

Ahead of the game, modo 601 beta tester Richard Yot was busy animating characters with modo 601’s new character animation toolset while the rest of us patiently awaited Luxology’s new release. This in-depth tutorial takes you through the entire process, from modelling, using modo 601’s new retopology and paint tools, lighting, adding bones, and teaches how to use the new Pose tool for quick animation glory. Great for beginners!

Create custom motion-capture sequences with Kinect in 3ds Max

In the workshop, Ross Board creates custom motion-capture sequences using Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect and 3ds Max, guiding us through the process of setting up the hardware and software, recording motion, and how to switch to desktop motion capture to work with your digital actor. Costing a little over £100 for the Kinect camera for Xbox, we’re excited by the possibilities for 3D artists to create motion-capture in the home.

Sculpt a clay beard in ZBrush

Also in the workshop your questions are answered by our LightWave, ZBrush, and 3ds Max experts. We also have a wonderful tutorial from The Art Department’s Jaclyn Havlak on life drawing, accompanied by over 40 minutes of video footage showcasing master artist Michael English’s life-drawing techniques.

Go behind the scenes of The Pirates! at Aardman Animations

Features in this issue take us into the exciting world of Aardman Animations with a look at the studio’s most adventurous and most expansive stop-motion film to hit the big screens yet: ‘The Pirates! In and Adventure with Scientists’. Out in UK cinemas now, discover how 3D printing and CGI helped the crew retain the pace and style of a classic stop-motion production – and then hit the flicks! We also speak to the experts about motion-capture technology, and how it’s changing the industry.

3D Artist issue 40 coverThere’s all this and a whole lot more. 3D Artist is available to buy now from all good newsagents, supermarkets and at the official Imagine Publishing online store.

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  • Daniel

    Misleading cover. Pawel’s image only ever occurs on the cover. It is not part of the tutorial as the language on the front suggests.

  • Sarah Slee

    Hi Daniel, thanks for getting in touch. Whenever we have a ‘create the cover’ tutorial inside the mag, we always ensure it’s clearly labelled as such on the front of the magazine. In this particular case, the image was used for representational purposes to demonstrate the tutorial content inside, which is the first of a three-part guide to building a residential property from scratch. The six-page tutorial starts on page 46. Best wishes, Sarah