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modo 601, the new feature-packed full release from Luxology

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modo 601 delivers character animation, dynamics, modelling and rendering enhancements, plus a tonne of workflow improvements. Prepare for an epic features list!

modo 601, the new feature-packed full release from Luxology

In issue 37 of 3D Artist magazine, we celebrated 10 years of Luxology, anticipating what 2012 would bring. And when co-founder and CEO Brad Peebler promised that a new major release this year would be “the most exciting modo release to date”, he wasn’t kidding – just check out what’s in store in the feature-laden modo 601 (and this only scratches the surface!)

New character animation and rigging tools, including an easy-to-use Pose Tool and a flexible system of layer deformers. New character animation and rigging tools include:

  • Skeleton Tool/Mesh Binding
  • Full-body Inverse Kinematics
  • Pose Tool
  • Pose space sculpting
  • Actors with Poses and Actions
  • Visible Motion Paths
  • Deformers
  • Falloffs as Deformers
  • Textured Falloffs
  • Alembic support
  • MDD driven object deformation

modo 601 features new character animation tools

New modelling tools for retopology, selection, enhancements to Pixar Subdivision modeling, and automatic preservation of UVs during modelling. New modelling tools include:

  • Dedicated Re-Topology Modeling tools and Viewport
  • Topology Pen tool
  • Pixar Subdivision surfaces improvements
  • Preserve UVs
  • Mesh Cleanup
  • New Geometry Constraint ‘Point’ mode
  • Soft Selection
  • Lazy Selection
  • Vertex Map Painting

modo 601 features new modelling tools

3D painting in modo 601 is faster and betterWorkflow enhancements to accelerate the creation process, making the modo experience even more natural. Workflow enhancements include:

  • MatCap Materials
  • Silhouette View
  • Enhanced Render View
  • 3D Paint performance
  • Render within a capped time limit
  • 3D mouse support
  • SDK improvements







Numerous rendering improvements to enhance the rendering experience and make it easier than ever to produce exactly the results you want. Rendering improvements include:

  • Render Booleans
  • Sky Portals
  • Rounded Edge shader
  • Texture Bombing (Texture Replicator)
  • Oren_Nayer diffuse roughness shading
  • Subsurface scattering depth control
  • Camera Clipping (by surface or material)
  • Contour Edge Rendering
  • Render Passes
  • Preview Renderer improvements
  • Enhanced Network rendering
  • Spectral Samples

modo 601 is amped with rendering improvements

New shaders to simplify realistic rendering of hair and skin, and to create non-photo-realistic images direct from the modo renderer. New shaders include:

  • Skin shader
  • Hair shader
  • Halftone shader
  • Cel shader

Volumes, Replicators and Particle Clouds allow modo users to replicate vast numbers of objects across surfaces with greater ease and variability. New features and improvements include:

  • Volumetric Rendering
  • Replicator improvements
  • RealFlow support
  • Blobs
  • Volumetric Sprites
  • Particle painting/sculpting

New Rigid and Soft body dynamics based on the Bullet Physics engine are also now a standard part of modo.

Rigid and soft body dynamics are fully integrated in modo 601

modo 601 is available now! Check out the demo videos and a modo 601 feature tour on the Luxology website for more information. And if you’re a 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Houdini, LightWave or Softimage user, then you can add modo 601 to your existing pipeline for just $795 (normally $1195) for a limited time only – that’s a 33% saving!