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MARI 1.4v3 upgrade released

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The Foundry releases MARI 1.4v3 to meet the needs of VFX texture and matte painting artists with functions to remove manual work and free up time for creativity

With the new MARI 1.4v3 upgrade texture artists will me able to:

  • Spend more time painting, using Linked Patches to easily replicate texture data
  • Customise settings using the Preset navigation modes to replicate the feel of Maya, Houdini and NUKE
  • Get more creative with brand new Tint and Stencil options in the MARI Paint Through mode

MARI Product Manager, Jack Greasley said: “We are always looking at ways to make MARI easier for artists to use. A really key feature of this upgrade was to allow MARI users to match the feel of their favourite application. We want artists to be able to effortlessly utilise MARI’s full potential rather than having to learn a new way of navigating their scene. Small details like a particular shortcut key being different in MARI to what they are used to in Maya® or NUKE is a big deal to artists.”

Greasely added: “Many elements of this upgrade are in direct response to current client requests, and will benefit everyone who adopts MARI going forwards. We will continue to make improvements and develop MARI to be the product that artists need to enable them to focus on creativity as the industry around them continually evolves.”

Learn more about the MARI 1.4v3 upgrade on The Foundry’s website.

MARI 1.4v3 New Features Video from Hieronymus Foundry on Vimeo.