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How to break the creative block

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When you hit the wall, don’t panic – try one of these tried-and-tested techniques to smash through it, or at least steer your way around it…

Super Sculpey concept sculpt by Glauco LonghiOftentimes, when you get stuck in an ideas rut, taking a step back and allowing your mind a little freedom with another form of creativity can help loosen up those ideas a treat. We asked several industry professionals how they tackle the creative block when it hits. Here’s what they told us:

  • Creature designer Glauco Longhi advises grabbing some clay and getting muddy! “Clay is easy to block things in,” he says. “Try to use your hands and keep forms clear.”
  • Moonbot StudiosJoe Bluhm recommends sliding a pencil around when he’s feeling creatively blocked. “[I’ll] make light shapes that converge until I see something interesting,” he explains. “It usually ends up being a character, animal or vehicle, but I may have explored a shape or approach that I don’t typically use – it’s often very fruitful.”
  • Freelance artist Richard Yot has a very different approach, finding a way to escaping a visual block through writing. “It’s another way of generating ideas and can help you to think of something unexpected,” he says.

Featured image: ©Glauco Longhi, sculpted using Super Sculpey clay

  • When I hit a wall I go looking for ideas online. Looking at photography or scifi art or museums can provide that needed spark of inspiration. You never know what your mind will latch onto. I sometimes will think of the solution to a problem while I sleep.